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My trip in Arizona was awesome! I loved it. I am going to move to Sedona. The Grand Canyon was one of the most beautiful things I have ever saw. When I got back from my trip my car was in my drive way for me. I started working at Kinney's I like it. It keeps me busy. But, for the first time in almost two years I think I might have a crush. There is this kid at work. We have soo much in common. The same music, books, movies, thoughts, food, everything. It is amazing. But I am with Chris. I couldn't ever break up with him. I think he would go crazy. I know that he loves me so much. I can't leave him over a stupid little crush. Anyway the guy is 22. I am 18, but I don't think it would work out anyway. I want to go to college, and be something. Not work at some pharamacy the rest of my life. Chris is committed to me. And I should just forget it about it. It has been driving me crazy. Chris and I have done so many things together. We are practically married. He wants to spend his rest of his life with me. Next month we will be our 2 year anniversary. I can't ruin this relationship, and I am not going to. I am giving my crush (for not much longer) a ride home on Sunday. Just a ride home. Chris' birthday is coming up, and I spent over 400 dollars on him. The money is not important, the important thing is that we love eachother. But if I love him why would I have a crush on someone else? Fuck, I just wish for once someone would listen to my problems. I didn't tell Chris about this. And I don't think it is the best idea in the world to tell him. He would get super pissed. And probaly break something. I remember one time I really really wanted to go to this concert with my friend, and he drove 3 and half hours to get me a ticket. But Chris would not let me go. So, he broke a door. If I told him that I had a crush on someone. Shit, he would break the whole house, and probaly some bones too. I am just going to forget about it, and stay with him. The other guy we can just be friends. I am just confused.

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