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my summer so far.

Yesterday was my birthday which was awesome. Chris came over with all these nice gifts that I was not expecting. And his mom bought me this really pretty tank top and jacket. We went to the Zoom Flume. And Chris bought me more stuff. We were attacked by little kids every where we went. These two little fuckers tried to cut in front of me and Chris and I said " Ah no, I have been standing here for 30 minutes and there is no way in fuck I am letting these fuckers cut in front of me". So, I told the guy giving Chris and I the tube and he was clueless so I grabbed it. After we went out to eat and it took forever. So, finally we just got it wrapped up. I was kind of depressed because waiting was a waste of my birthday. But Sarah made it up when screaming in the car. I love laughing so hard that is hurts. We got home and me and Chris you know. Then he called his mom but the phone was busy. So he just slept over in my bed. I was supposed to have today off, but no I get called in. Which sucked because Chris and I had all  these plans. I can't see him tomorrow because he is working and so I am and I have to go to Connecticut. I went over his house after work and we went swimming watched Old School, and went for a very very long four wheeler ride. Later on I gave in a nice back massage. And we started talking about the beginning of the year. He lives 5 and a half miles away from me and on the first week of school he rode his bike all the way to town just to find me. He didn't know where I lived, but still I thought that was so cute. And one day he started following me home but didn't want to miss the bus. And he uesd to follow me. I love him so much. It is kind of weird we have only been dating for 10 months and I feel like I could spend the rest of my life with him. Well it is getting pretty late and I have to work tomorrow.
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