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Er sometimes I really dislike my nana. She was critizing my boyfriend, my Aunt Angie, and my mom. She called my boyfriend a fucking farmer, and she called my Aunt Angie stupid, and called my mom poor. What the hell? Who does she think she is to judge people like that? Chris is no farmer and even if he was why would it matter? And my Aunt loves her job so it is a good choice for her. Also my mom works her ass off for me and Sarah to be happy. Just because we all are not lawyers, and doctors does not mean we cannot be happy. I am going to choose a career when I feel the time is right. Not now. And oh no I am want to go to college in New York. How fucking horrible is that? Is it such a big deal that I like New York. And not fucking crowded cities. And the she was telling me what to do. Don't you be getting married to that farmer boy and be unhappy all your life. If I did get married to Chris I would be very happy because he would always put me first, and take really good care of me. I am saying that is going to happen. But still, I love my nana but she should really think before she opens her mouth. I am so pissed off right now. I am sick, and pissed off not a good thing. Whatever.
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