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Taste of Chaos.

I know I said I wouldn't update again but I saw the used! At first me and Sarah waited outside for 2 hours in the cold. And then the assholes made us throw away our digital camreas. But, me and Sarah were right in the front at first when A Static Lullaby started playing. When Underoath came on I was so fucking scared I thought I was going to get knocked down and stomped on. So I found Sarah and she brought me to a safe place. I love sarah. And I stayed by myself basically the whole night. I really don't like Killswitch engage, senses fail, and my chemical romance. To me the lead singer of my chemical romance sounded like an 9 year old girl. But, it could of been way to loud in there. And when The used came on I almost died. I love that band. And I got a shirt. And I got no sleep last night. But, I am in the best mood ever.
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