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I do not like weekends. But this one wasn't that bad. I got Chris his birthday presents. I bought him a $60 CD player, an Ozzy box set, and a Black Sabbath shirt. I got my hair done but since no one is CT has fucking A/C, and it is 100 degress outside my hair is curly again. What a waste of $155. Sure the color is still there but whatever. Almost everyone got to Warped this year except me. Which pisses me off. I wanted to go to that concert for 4 years. Sarah god damnit add me back. Back to the Cobleskill fair tomorrow, I am meeting my lover there. I can't wait to see him I love him so much. I hope that we stay together all through out high school and college, and I hope I do marry him. There is no one else for me except him. We have been dating almost a year now. I am just truely in love.
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